Monday, February 22, 2010

Celebration of the Divine Appearance of the Golden Avatar

Dear Friends,

Hope you've all survived this winter's snow and cold! It was a rough one and we still have some patches of snow here and there - but - we our first spring flowers are blooming and that's really exciting! The male goldfinches are changing their color back to bright yellow and so I know now that spring really is around the corner.

Attached you will find a beautiful flyer announcing our next festival on Sun., Feb. 28 beginning at 3pm. This day promises to be very exciting with drama (I've been working with our wonderful actors and actresses - and we're first on the schedule - 3pm - so please don't miss us!), dance, a special abhiseka (bathing the Deity forms of Lord Caitanya and Lord Nityananda) with substances such as honey, ghee, milk, yogurt, scented water, etc., ecstatic kirtans, a special presentation by a devotee who has extensively traveled India and who has written many books - and - an absolutely fabulous feast!

This festival is a celebration of the divine appearance of the golden avatar - Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu - who is known for His chanting, dancing and feasting all over India 500 years ago. So, please keep us in mind for next Sun. and join us in our celebration!

Take care and we hope to see you Sun.! Hare Krsna.

With fondness,

p.s. If you've already received this, sorry, but I guess you can take it as a sign that we really would like you to come!

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