Thursday, July 1, 2010

Peresonal Branding

In the current enviroment of high unemployment, falling stocks and slow housing sales, everyone is looking for an edge. You can't just fill out an application, create a resume, post it on line or email it to hundreds of companies and hope you get a job. You need to create a brand for your self and create a niche for your skills. Below are five goods points on how to start the process.

Jun/105 Tools for Creating Your Personal Brand
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“This democratization of personal branding is not likely to slow anytime soon. In fact, more and more ‘regular’ people are joining the content-creation party.”
– Beth Snyder Bulik, Advertising Age
The primary goal, but not limited to, of personal branding is to stand out from the crowded marketplace. There is far too much “noise” for you to separate yourself from your competition relying on traditional approaches. In fact, that’s the fastest way for your brand to die a slow and painful death.

There are five tools you need to consider when crafting your personal brand:

1.Buzz Marketing: This includes anything that gets people talking about you. It could be utilizing Facebook and/or Twitter to create a buzz by stating the unexpected and making bold, controversial statements. It could be creating a blog that enables you to apply a voice to the wild ideas you have.
2.Networking: Networking implies both online as well as the traditional forms. In addition to working the room at a Chamber of Commerce After Hours or Before Hours event, you need to reach out through channels such as LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the ultimate business networking site online and one that offers a wide ranges of tools and resources to network effectively.
3.Seminars: Using a seminar format, you can provide educational content that is less about a direct selling pitch and more about the value add that you bring to the table. Whether it’s inviting people to a local Panera Bread meeting room, your company’s conference room or renting a local hotel’s meeting room, this is a powerful tool in setting yourself apart as the local industry expert.
4.Professional Referrals: Are you involved with a leads group in your area? There are many options including Chamber leads groups, BNI, ABN, and others. There is also the option of creating your own leads group. The key is to find or start a leads group consisting of active, hungry professionals who are like-minded in their desire to succeed and reach the next level of success.
5.Email Campaigns: I am a strong advocate of quality email campaigns. Mind you, I’m not referring to spam and pitch emails but rather high quality, idea-packed emails that provide value added material to your clients and potential clients. Your readers will respect this approach and even look forward with anticipation of your next email or e-Newsletter.
Which should you use? I suggest finding a way to implement every one of these five tools. Your goal is to reach people where they are and create or strengthen your personal brand. The more creatively and consistently you take this approach, the more successful you will find your efforts. It takes time, but it is certainly worth the effort.

This was submitted by Tom Hackelman from Winston Salem.

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