Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Using the Right Equipment

Stopped by Danbury General Store on my way to work this morning for a jolt of caffene and noticed in the parking lot a truck with fishing equipment in the back. This is not a rare occurance in Stokes County but taking another look, it struck me as odd that it was really heavy duty gear, not what you would anticipate for fishing in local ponds or the Mighty Dan River. The owner wasn't in sight, so I couldn't ask what he was fishing for and left scratching my head.

As any of you that might know me are no doubt aware, I have a vivid imagination and I started thinking about huge catfish that might be in the local depths and what fun it would be to hook one. It is more likely, however that you would land a 1/2 lb sunfish and not the monster you were after. That led me to my next thought: how often do we go fishing with the wrong tackle and end up empty handed or overmatched.

In my business, the right equipment includes making the right contacts, providing information in a timely manner, creating good content on our websites, preparing useful marketing materials and listening to what my clients and co-workers are asking for and responding in the proper manner.

I think I will take some time today to review the equipment that I have at my disposal, make sure I have the right bait and maybe daydream a little about a visit to my favorite fishin hole to try my luck!

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