Thursday, September 24, 2009

October 17th Festival with Hare Krishna Temple

Our friends in Sandy Ridge, Stokes County would like to invite all who are interested to attend a festival on Saturday Oct 17th. See details below:

Dear Friends,
I have a festival to announce.This is one of the most festive occasions all over India.It is a multi-festival as there are several events being celebrated simultaneously.It starts at 3:30 and goes into the evening with fireworks at 7PM.Festivities will include: -Games for kids of all ages-Dramatic presentations describing what is being celebrated-Feasting -MusicWe will be focusing on the story of Lord Rama returning to His home after being exiled to live in the forest for 14 years. The exile was an attempt to drive Him from the citizens’ memory so a rival could be put in His place as the King. It was a moonless night when He was scheduled to return.The citizens, confident of His return, all lit lamps to insure His finding His home.The whole town of Ayodhya was lit up like the day.Our temple will be lit by candles that evening which will provide a very warm environment, conducive for the warm feelings one feels at such a festival as this.The general theme is one of good conquering evil and a return of Righteousness into our hearts and our lives.There will be many other places to celebrate Diwali that night. Ours will be very traditional, inspiring and will invoke peace in your heart. There will be no Bollywood music. If you would like something different this year, give us a try.Mark your calendar and plan to attend.I'll send more details as they develop.The next day, Sunday, will also be a big festival called Govardhan Puja which involves building a mountain of food and appreciating the gifts God has given us in the form of Earth and Cows.Warm regards,MitraHare Krishna Temple 1283 Prabhupada RdSandy Ridge NC 27046

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