Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fan Pages for your business

If you have a business and you are not on facebook you should probably be there. If you have a business and are on facebook but don't have a fan page here's a good article on how to do it and why.

How to Create and Optimize a Facebook Fan Page and Why a Home Business Owner Needs One
If you use Facebook as part of your marketing strategy to generate leads for your home business it is a good idea to start a Facebook Fanpage. A Facebook site is limited to 5000 friends and while it is unrealistic to have a personal relationship with that many people it is easy to have a business relationship with many times that with attraction marketing. If you are building a home business and want to succeed, you will have to use attraction marketing principles.

Every successful home business owner or network marketer had to become a leader and to be successful you will have to become one too. That intimidates some people because they don’t understand that being a leader is a mindset and an assumed posture that happens as the result of a decision. Once you have made the decision to become a leader the only steps required to achieve that goal are working on your personal development to change your attitude, belief, and posture and learning skills that your followers will find valuable.

It is common for a top marketer to have hundreds of thousands of followers and with the current explosion of social media it wouldn’t take long to max out your Facebook friend limit. Since there is no limit on followers of a Fanpage it is a logical and necessary step for a home business owner to create one.

To have a Fanpage you must have a personal account. Then from your home page you will see a selection on the left for “ads and pages.” After you click there you will click on the "pages" selection in the same area. Then you will have options at the top where you can choose “create page.” You will be taken to a page where you can choose “local business”, “brand, product, or organization”, or “artist, band, or public figure.” Take the last selection, name your fan page, check the permission box and click on “create page.”

Just as you should have done with your personal page you need to upload a picture and fill in all the information fields they ask for. Doing so will help others relate to you and will cause Facebook to suggest your page to likeminded people.

Now to optimize your page there are 3 steps to get started. First go to http://www.Involver.com (this is no affiliate link) and get a free account. Then you can get 2 free applications for your Fanpage or upgrade your account and get more. I would suggest the Twitter and the YouTube apps. If you don’t have accounts with them, go set them up. Follow the prompts, get your apps and then return to your Fanpage and click the plus box, allow the connection and add them to your page. If you have these apps on your Fanpage they will look like mini sites and even include your profiles that were set up at those sites. As you build up your Youtube rank it will build your Fanpage rank.

The second thing to do is to put a Facebook badge on your Wordpress blog. To do that, click on “edit page”, then you will see on the right side below “admins” (where you could add other administrators if you wanted to) “create a badge.” When you click there you will be able to choose “other” and get an html code you can copy and paste into a text widget on your blog. Simply go to the dashboard of your blog, click on appearance, and widgets, and drag a widget to the location you want and paste in the code and click save. Now the traffic you drive to your blog can join your Fanpage.

My third suggestion is to buy a domain name and mask forward it to your Facebook Fanpage. It will be easier for you to promote it from different sites because the URL will not be so complicated and it can help you get the page ranked if you have a keyword in the title and the URL.

Dan Lambeth
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